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I thank my all holy, all merciful, and most wise Mother, the Church of God, for salutarily guiding me during this temporal life, and for educating me for the heavenly citizenship…



Parish Worship

Saturday Evening Worship - 5pm

The Service of Vespers marks the beginning of the liturgical day. In this service we beseech God that ‘the present evening and the coming night may be peaceful’, and we honor for the first time the saints commemorated on the forthcoming day. The most characteristic hymn of evening worship in the Orthodox Church is the chanting of Psalm 140 / 141, which begins "Lord, I have cried out to you…" 

Sunday Morning Worship - 9am

Every Sunday is a commemoration of the Lord's third day Resurrection from the dead. Worship on Sunday morning typically begins with the service of Orthros [also called Matins], or morning prayer, and is followed by the Divine Liturgy, during which the prepared Orthodox faithful receive Holy Communion [the Eucharist].

Weekday Worship

Every day is dedicated to the memory of holy people who lived, suffered, and died for Christ. Many of these feast days are commemorated in our local parish. Evening worship on weekdays begins at 5pm, while morning worship begins at 8:30am. Please check the monthly calendar for a complete list of upcoming services.


When you look at the candles and lamps burning in church, rise in thought from the material fire to the immaterial fire of the Holy Spirit, “for our God is a consuming fire.” When you see and smell the fragrant incense, rise in thought to the spiritual fragrance of the Holy Spirit, “for we are unto God a sweet savor of Christ.”.



Sunday Bulletins