St. Luke Bookstore


St. Luke Bookstore carries a selection of spiritual book on a wide range of topics, including Holy Scripture, theology, spirituality, prayer, the lives of the saints, and modern day elders. In addition to books, the store carries a beautiful collection of Orthodox icons from a many differently suppliers, and other Orthodox products. Some of our suppliers include Uncut Mountain Supply, SVS Press, Ancient Faith Publishing, Legacy Icons and St. Paisius Monastery.

The Bookstore is open on Sundays following Divine Services.


The Importance of Spiritual Reading According to Elder Aimilianos


“What are these books, which are so central to the Christian life? They exist in great numbers. They are those which we call, in a word, spiritual books…These are books in which you don’t read human thoughts, human criteria, or human logic, but rather encounter the judgment and the logic of God, the Spirit of God. God speaks in these books. Who wrote these books? The authors were divinely inspired instruments who became servants of the Holy Spirit.”

the writings of the holy fathers

“In reading the Fathers of the Church, your eyes will be opened (cf. Ps. 18:9). Imagine sitting in the dark, and suddenly I come near you, and I shine a light in your face, and your eyes open wide and are dazzled by the light – that’s exactly what will happen when you read the writings of the Fathers of the Church. One could also say that their writings are like lenses which enable us to gaze steadily on the sun, on Christ himself.”

the lives of the saints

“When you read the lives of the saints, you have before your very eyes living translations of the Gospel, and you will be greatly inspired. Little by little, you’ll get to know them. You’ll see how they were born, who their mother was, how they began life, how they poured forth sweat, sacred tears, how they blessed the earth with their precious, warm blood. And that blood was one with the blood of Christ.”