Icon Donation Program

Holy Icons—a venerable tradition of the Holy Orthodox Church—date back to its earliest days and our patron, St. Luke the Evangelist, who was the first iconographer of the Church of Christ. Icons are an integral part of Orthodox Christian piety and prayer, and are theologically grounded in the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ, as confirmed at the 7th Ec. Synod in 787AD.


Our parish is currently in a converted protestant Church. From the parish's inception, it has always intended to erect a purpose-built Orthodox Temple. Three years ago we purchased 21 acres of land for that very purpose. Until a new Church is built, we will be unable to adorn the walls of our current place of worship with mural iconography.


Though we are unable to decorate the interior of our current building, we would like to begin the process of seeking donations to help us fund the purchase of hand-painted portable icons, which play a significant role in the life of an Orthodox parish. Portable icons are prominently displayed on feastdays, both being used in liturgical processions at Great Vespers and placed in the Narthex for veneration. Traditionally every parish has a complete set of icons, of both feasts and saints, for this purpose.

If you would like to participate in this endeavor, please consider donating a icon for one of the Twelve Great Feasts. After we have received donations for all of the feasts, we will begin asking for donations for important Saints of the Church as well as other important historical events in her life. Each icon will be meticulously prepared according to ancient tradition on braced solid wood panels and finished in 24ct. gold leaf.

To begin this process, an anonymous friend of the Church has already donated the icon of the Nativity of Christ, which you can see below. 

Making a donation

Icon donations can be made online. Simply click on the image of the feastday you would like to donate, add the item to your cart and follow the checkout procedure. If for some reason you would prefer to pay by check, simply contact Fr. Michael at info@saintlukecolumbia.org, and give him your personal information and tell him which icon you would like to donate. He will then remove the icon from sale. If an icon says DONATED, a generous donor has already given that icon - please select another icon.

Thank you for your generosity!